Putnam Volleyball Club of WV

“Putnam Volleyball Club is more than just Volleyball, Its a Family”

Mission Statement 


Putnam Volleyball Club is dedicated to develop athletes who desire a higher level of volleyball competition within the framework of good sportsmanship, ethical behavior, individual development and personal growth. The Club makes it a priority to acquire and develop coaches that share the same belief and vision to instruct our young players in this intricate and team oriented game.  Coaches stress fundamentals while teaching both tactical and technical aspects of the game. More importantly, we hope to make a positive influence on our community by developing strong future leaders.

Our Coaches and Staff are eager to make a positive impact on our community by developing strong, confident women through the Ultimate Team Sport Experience.


Winning alone does not measure the success of a youth volleyball program. Individual player development is the key to a successful program. Putnam is committed to the development of the individual. Our goal is to help all our players reach their full potential, including an expected high standard of player attitude and behavior both on and off the court

Girls Teams.


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