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Team Rosters and Schedules have been updated on our website. If you have a team picture or find a mistake with the schedule, please email Clint Baker at or text it to him at 3045392628. Also, if there are things you would like to see added to the website please feel free to send your ideas.

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Club Gear For Sale

Club Gear For Sale! Get with your teams coach for order forms, they should have them this week. Coaches, please designate a parent from your team to take orders and collect money when order’s are placed.  Each team is responsible for taking orders, collecting money (Due the day of order)and getting their order turned in to Todd as soon as possible.  We are asking that everyone try to have their order ready at their next practice so we can get them turned in.  It takes several weeks to get the apparel back once the order is placed.  All orders should be turned in no later than Sunday the 31st. We will turn orders into Roy’s on Monday the 1st. All checks made payable to “Roy Kuhl Sports”.

2016 Design



At Home Workouts

Keep your body court ready with these simple workouts you can do at home!

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Warm up for your volleyball workout by jogging for 20 minutes, then stretching your arms, shoulders, hamstrings, hip flexors and ankles (all the muscles you use most during volleyball).

Leg Drills

  • Lunges (Sets/Reps: 3×20)
  • Wall sits (3 sets. First set is 30 seconds, then 45 seconds, then 60 seconds)
  • Jumping Jacks (3×50)

Quick Feet: Jump Rope Series

  • Normal pace jump, 30 seconds
  • Right foot only, 30 seconds
  • Left foot only, 30 seconds
  • Double right, double left, 30 seconds
  • Fast as you can go, 30 seconds

Repeat 3 times with a 1-minute rest between sets.

Vary your training with this 5-minute jump rope speed workout.

Abdomen Workout

  • Sit-Ups (3×50)
  • Plank (3 sets. First set is 30 seconds, then 45 seconds, then 60 seconds)

Arm Strength

Home Volleyball Drills

When practicing your volleyball skills at home, concentrate on your technique. Practice getting your hands into the right position while setting, swinging your arms through while spiking and planting your feet while passing.

Setting Drills

Warm Up Hands

  • Quick sets against a wall for 45 seconds
  • Take a step back, set against wall for 60 seconds
  • Take a bigger step back and set against wall for 90 seconds

Lie Down and Set

  • Lie on your back with your knees bent
  • Set the volleyball to yourself quickly 100 times without pushing the ball high
  • Slow down and set the ball a bit higher 100 more times

Passing Drills

Pass to Self

  • Plant your feet and lower your legs like you are passing in a live game
  • Pass to yourself without moving your feet
  • Pass to yourself by moving forward and backward
  • Pass to yourself side-to-side by shuffling your feet

Wall Pass

  • Pass forward or diagonal, using the wall to return the ball
  • After getting the hang of wall passing, move into pass-set-hit against the wall (similar to peppering with a partner)


  • Alternate between passing and setting to yourself

Hitting Drills

Concussion Course and Facts

Parents and Athletes, This concussion course is not required of you but this course is free to you and with the growing awareness and for the safety of our children, it would be worth 40 minutes of your time to take. Very good and informative.

Click here for the FREE online course from NFHS

What is a concussion? 

*A concussion is a brain injury which results in a temporary disruption of normal brain function. A concussion occurs when the brain is violently rocked back and forth or twisted inside the skull, typically from a blow to the head or body. An athlete does not need to lose consciousness (be “knocked-out”) to suffer a concussion, and in fact, less than ten percent of concussed athletes suffer loss of consciousness.

Concussion Facts:

*A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury. The result is a more obvious functional problem than a clear structural injury, causing it to be invisible to standard medical imagining (CT and MRI scans).

*It is estimated that over 140,000 high school athletes across the United States suffer a concussion each year. (Data from NFHS Injury Surveillance System)

* Concussions occur most frequently in football, but boys’ ice hockey, boys’ lacrosse, girls’ soccer, girls’ lacrosse and girls’ basketball follow closely behind. All athletes are at risk.

* A concussion may cause multiple symptoms. Many symptoms appear immediately after the injury, while others may develop over the next several days or weeks. The symptoms may be subtle and are often difficult to fully recognize.

*Concussions can cause symptoms which interfere with school, work, and social life.

*Concussion symptoms may last from a few days to several months.

* An athlete should not return to sports or physical activity like physical education or working-out while still having symptoms from a concussion. To do so puts them at risk for prolonging symptoms and further injury.


2016 “Challenge Your Limits”

This week starts the beginning of a new Putnam Travel-ball season! As we look back over 2015 at our achievements, failures, relationships, missed opportunities, happy times, sad times, misunderstandings, goals made and those missed, struggles and heartache, just remember that each day we can start over, IF we choose to! 2016 can be a fresh start if that is the choose you chose to make. Challenge

As Players focus on out performing your performance from yesterday, work harder and practice more intense. Push and challenge yourself and your teammates to do better and to be the best player and person that they can be. Don’t settle for mediocrity, play with the intensity and passion that this could be your last match. In each practice and match leave everything that  you have on the court, you do not want to look back and think I could have given more. “Play Smart and Play with Heart”! Most importantly, challenge the limits of yourself and your teammates, this is the only way you will improve and become the best that you can be.