2016 “Challenge Your Limits”

This week starts the beginning of a new Putnam Travel-ball season! As we look back over 2015 at our achievements, failures, relationships, missed opportunities, happy times, sad times, misunderstandings, goals made and those missed, struggles and heartache, just remember that each day we can start over, IF we choose to! 2016 can be a fresh start if that is the choose you chose to make. Challenge

As Players focus on out performing your performance from yesterday, work harder and practice more intense. Push and challenge yourself and your teammates to do better and to be the best player and person that they can be. Don’t settle for mediocrity, play with the intensity and passion that this could be your last match. In each practice and match leave everything that  you have on the court, you do not want to look back and think I could have given more. “Play Smart and Play with Heart”! Most importantly, challenge the limits of yourself and your teammates, this is the only way you will improve and become the best that you can be.