Sharpen the Skill of Passing

In Volleyball, “If a team can’t pass, they wont be very successful.” USA Volleyball Coach Terry Liskevych has coached for over 40 years – winning a Bronze medal at the 1992 Olympic Games and a Gold medal at the FIVB World Prix in 1995. In these Tips he shows us the fundamentals of Receiving and Passing in Volleyball. Do you want to know where the “Sweet Spot” is? If you want to learn from a Pro…don’t miss this lesson.

Basic Passing Refresher, Click Here

Passing Tips: Click Here More Tips: Click Here

Serve/Receive, Click Here

Defense and Passing To Target, Click here

How to Collapse and Dig: Click Here    Learn how to coach proper digging technique from the experts coach Terry Liskevych and assistant coach Emily Hiza.


Practice, Practice, Practice! Great Passing/Defense when Championships!

More defense videos: http://www.theartofcoachingvolleyball…

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