Pre-Tournament Nutrition and Condition Plan

It’s the details or the little things that set good athletes and great ones apart! Here3d6e545d1b4969ef6b3a22e83f73cfaa is a guide to keeping your energy and performance at its peak for tournament play. Sometimes close matches boil down to the little details like Nutrition and the Condition of the athlete. This is one area that you as the athlete can control to move on to the next level.


  1. Stretch well (Shortly after you wake up), Twice on none tournament days, Once every morning on tournament days. Note: spend extra time stretching the sore muscles.
  2. It  can’t be stress enough on NOT being a couch potato and to stay active.
  3. 45 minutes of physical activity that simulates interval training. For instance, if your exercise is walking —  you might incorporate short bursts of jogging into your regular brisk walks, Walking hills and flats, bicycle, jump rope, Tabata, etc.

Note: 15 minutes can be weight training but you must have 30 minutes of cardio on none tournament days. Also, Drink or eat Protein after training.


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!!    Water is the BEST for you! Limit the high in sugar drinks like pop, sweat tea, kool-aid, etc and absolutely NO adult beverages, LOL.


  1. Get 8-10 hours of sleep on day of before tournament and day after tournament. NO MORE AND NO LESS. Note: Do not lie around after your 8-10 of sleep, get up and get active.
  2. Eat Protein and Hydrate within 30 minutes of waking up: this will jump start your energy for the day.
  3. Stay moving all day, your muscles will react better come game time if they are kept active.


  1. Eat a balance of protein and carbs (good carbs, not junk) 2 days prior to tournaments.
  2. Beginning the morning of the tournament; do not indulge in heavy dairy, creamy sauces, deep fried or anything rich that will make you feel sick or way you down. Note: If you have to eat out make healthy chooses!! No, burgers/fries, Pizza, etc.
  3. Choose High Fiber carbs which take longer to burn.
  4. Wheat over White/Veggies and fruit over donuts,Chicken without bun over Burgers and fries. You get the point.
  5. Choose lean Proteins- eggs, chicken breast, turkey, string cheese, Greek Yogurt, Spinach, beans, peanut butter, etc.
  6. Eat 5-6 small meals a day rather that 3 larger meals. You can supplement Fruit Smoothies or Protein drinks for 1 or 2 of the small meals.
  7. Eat a small balanced meal 1 hour before playing. (Pizza is NOT a balanced meal, lol)

Note: No hot dogs, nachos, pizza, you know concession type foods. These foods weigh you down and make you sluggish.

These healthy choices will help you be a the top of your game come game time!

Here is a video intiltled: Nutrition Guideline for Female Teen Volleyball Athletes”


What to Eat and When to Eat it to be Your Best at Game Time

Volleyball, unlike endurance sports, is stop and go. This is a good thing in terms of nutrition because there are ample opportunities to eat and drink during a match to keep yourself going. Regardless of how great you are at the skills of volleyball, your energy level and your ability to stay strong all match long will be the keys to a great performance.

Whether you are playing a match or an entire tournament day, you must keep your body properly nourished and hydrated to play your best. Since a volleyball match can vary widely in length depending on the number of sets required to win, you must be prepared to go the distance at all times. A three set match could end in an hour, but a five set match can last up to three hours. Make sure you are prepared for any eventuality.

The idea of sports nutrition is to anticipate your needs for the foreseeable future and to provide your body with the correct nutrients to respond to the demands you’ll require of it. If you get behind in your energy stores, it will take your body a while to recover and get back on track. The game waits for no one though, so your misjudgment can cost your team the game. Make sure you understand what your body needs to perform at the highest level.

Keep in mind that everyone is different and therefore has different nutrition needs. Pay attention to your body and its response to the food you eat. Did you feel good at the start of the game and then have an energy crash? Did you eat too early and find yourself hungry when the first whistle blew? Does eating during a match give you a stomach cramp or a stitch? Adjust your intake accordingly and find what combination works best for you.

Here are some basic tips for sustaining your energy when playing volleyball:5695dd249a25c820f866be37a191d833

A solid Pre-Game meal: Eat several hours before game time

On the day of a match, be sure to eat breakfast, lunch and a couple of snacks during the day. Stick with lean meats, vegetables and carbohydrates like bread, pasta and fruit. Stay away from foods with high processed sugar and any new foods you have not tried before on game days.

The most important meal of the day is your pre-game meal. This is what your body will primarily draw from during a match, so choose your foods wisely. Most experts agree that the Pre-Game meal should be eaten 2-3 hours before your match. If you’re not sure what your ideal time is for pre-game, try eating two and a half hours before the match and then vary the time slightly for the subsequent matches, paying close attention to how your body responds.

Since volleyball requires a lot of quick movement and bursts of strength over a long period of time, it is necessary to provide your body with a good amount of carbohydrates such as fruits, veggies, whole grain cereals, breads, and pastas, and low-fat dairy. Supplement your carbo-load with protein (lean meats, chicken, turkey, fish, nonfat cheeses, dairy and egg whites) and veggies and you have the ideal pre-game meal. The recommended ratio is 50-65% carbs, 10-25% protein and less than 30% healthy fats like nuts, nut butters, fish oils, avocado, soy, and vegetable oil based salad dressings.

During a match or tournament: Keep your energy up all game or all day long

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Team Rankings & “SpikeFest” Schedules

We are over half way through the season and just wanted to give everyone an update on where each team b778bb955ad02f4e4d599e5afaa020a8ranks coming into “Spikefest”. Each Putnam team is doing really well in their age group. We would like to congratulate each player on their accomplishments so far and challenge them to step up, bring their A game to “Spikefest” and move to the next level. Link to the Club OVR Site

  • “Flame” is overall ranked 62 out of 207 teams
  • “Fire” is overall ranked 21 out of 235 teams
  • “Heat” is overall ranked 23 out of 201 teams
  • “Inferno” is overall ranked 29th out of 153 teams

Next, we would like to invite everyone that can possible make it out to “Spikefest” this weekend April 1-April 3 in Huntington, WV @ Big Sandy Superstore Arena. Please come out and support our Players, Coaches and Club. Play will be ALL Day!


Below is a tentative time table:
Link To “Spikefest” Pools and Info

Friday, April 1

  • 4:30 – 5:30 pm: 16 and 18 Regional teams 6 pm – midnight:
  • 18 and 16 Regional play first round pool

Saturday, April 2 7:00 – 7:30 am:

  • 14 and 15 Regional teams 8 am – 2 pm:
  • 15 and 14 Regional play first round pool matches 2 pm – 5 pm:
  • 15 and 14 Regional play first three matches of second round pools 5 pm – 11 pm:
  • 18 and 16 Regional play second round pools

Sunday, April 3 8am-10am

  • 15 and 14 Divisions finish final three matches of second round pools 11am-Noon
  • 15 and 14 Divisions will begin Bracket play 1pm
  • 18 and 16 Divisions will begin Bracket play

All times are tentative and are subject to matches preceding them being on time.
Below are links for each teams Pool Schedule:
Link To Putnam “Fire” Pool Schedule
Link To Putnam “Heat” Pool Scheduel
Link To Putnam “Inferno” Pool Schedule

We look forward to seeing you there!