2016 Putnam Volleyball Summer Skills Camp

Reminder of our up coming camp!

For other local camps please follow the link below to see area college and skill camps.

Camps and Clinics

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2016 PVC, OVR Results and Year End!

Well, the successful 2016 PVC Travel season has come to an end! It was such a remember-able year! We would like to thank ALL the coaches and spouses, parents and players and all of those who supported and gave their all this season. With out each of you this club would not be the success that it is. We look forward to seeing you next season and GOOD LUCK TO THE PLAYERS IN YOUR HIGH SCHOOL SEASON!

We had some injuries and engagements, We had great water boys:


“Selfie Sunday”


Lots of Treats:


Most important! We had fun and We made friends:



So to get on with the final rankings of our Putnam Volleyball Club Teams in the OVR!

13R Finished 64 of 207 in OVR, and Placed 4th in silver at VT.ws6

14R Finished 23 of 237 in OVR, and Placed 1st in bronze at VTws5

15R Finished 6 of 203 in OVR and Placed 1st in silver at VTws4 16R Finished 35 of 153 in OVR, and Placed 4th in silver at VTws1

See you next Season!