Toyota Donates to Putnam Volleyball

Toyota Motor Manufacturing of West Virginia’s 20th Anniversary is this year and they wanted to give back to all of those who volunteer their time to the community. One way they did this was to pick 20 volunteers at TMMWV that give countless hours helping the community, Coach Todd and Putnam Volleyball Club was one of those nonprofits chosen to be acknowledged.

Putnam Volleyball Club would like to thank Toyota Motor Manufacturing of West Virginia for donating $1000.oo to the our club in appreciation for all the volunteer’s and time that has been spent helping make the community better. This is a great honor for all of those that have given their time volunteering and helping to make the club a success. The success that we have achieved is that of helping hundreds of young ladies reach their goals in the sport of volleyball and learning life lessons to have successful futures after the volleyball careers have ended.

   “On behalf of Putnam Volleyball, I would like to thank TMMWV for the generous donation and all that they do for our community. I would also like to thank everyone that has helped make the Club a success over the years, without your countless volunteerism none of this would be possible. Also, with your continues help we can grow this clubs to be the top volleyball club in the state of West Virginia.” ~ Coach Todd Higginbotham

Todd was not able to attend the acceptance dinner due to the fact that he was doing what he loves and coaching volleyball. Angie Higginbotham (wife) and Clint Baker (Asst./Web Designer) accepted on behalf of Todd and the club.

Angie Higginbotham and Clint Baker Excepting Toyota’s Generous Donation.