Become A Better Defensive Player

  1814248076-defense_is_an_attitude    Volleyball is a game of momentum and nothing keeps the momentum and intensity on your side of the net like a great block or a great dig on the perfect spike from your opponent or the perfect pass to set up the perfect spike. So that gets back to the old saying that “Great defense wins championships!”  Defense can carry your team a long way in a long tournament and even the perfect set starts with a great pass.
      Defense is also an attitude, the attitude that “NO BALL HITS THE FLOOR.” Having the skills and the attitude will make you a better defensive player.
      Part of learning is watching and understanding every aspect of each fundamental for your position when your team is in defensive play. We have put together a few tutorial videos for different areas of defense. Watch them study them and go over them in your mind. Become a better defensive player!!!!
1) Passing: 
Passing Fundamentals: Click Here
How to dig a Hard Spike: Click Here
2) How to play defense against each hitter position (out of the Perimeter Defense).
Base or Home Defense: Click Here
Free Ball & Down Ball Defense: Click Here
Outside Hitter Defense: Click Here
Right side Hitter Defense: Click Here
3) How to Read Hitters as a passer:
How to read a hitter Part 1: Click Here
How to read a hitter Part 2: Click Here
4)All Defense starts with a Great Block, Front Row Defense:
How to Block Right Front: Click Here
How to block Outside Part 1: Click Here 
How to block Outside Part 2: Click Here
Middle Block Part 1: Click Here
Middle Block Part 2: Click Here
How to hit or block and over pass: Click Here
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