Important Info. For Parents and Players

Club ball is all about learning new skills, making new friends and having a fun time. Lets make this one of the greatest’s experiences for the players, parents, coaches, referrers and all involved. With that being said there are a few training courses that the players need to do and some information and new rules for the parents and spectators.

The OVR requires that all Players and new coaches must complete this training before the first tournament. If you will keep score or work as second referee for your team, you must complete the respective courses for each of those; see pages 4-5. • If you will be the Libero tracker or will work as a line judge for your team, you must complete the respective courses for each of those as well; see pages 5-6. • NOTE: Scorers and Libero trackers should view all modules listed on page 5.

The instructions to enter the training and proceed are here at the link provided. Click here to get the step by step instructions at the OVR website.

Important Notice for Parents and Spectators 

  1. It is a violation of OVR rules to bring coolers, food and drinks into the facilities that we play, for the exception bottled water for the players, this can lead to a fine being placed on our club for violating this rule. We can eat, have food and drink outside of the building. Most parents will pack food and tailgate at their vehicles, this can be done as a team if you plan as a group or individually.
  2. Due to tight sitting areas, most venues expect the players to camp and put their bags, blankets, etc. at the provided camping areas. The venue is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items, so make sure all electrical devises and valuables are keep by the parents or guardian.
  3. Some venues have chairs or bleachers but some do not, so you will need to bring folding chairs. For information about your tournament specific, such as when the doors open up, play schedule, venue information, venue address and other related information, you can click this link, on the “age drop down” button pick your age group, find the your tourney and click on the “tournament details” button. You can also, ask your coach or a veteran parent to step you through this process.



Thank You and lets have a wonderful year!