Putnam Volleyball & Lillys Place

The directors and coaches have been discussing a community service project. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we thought this would be a good time to get going. “Lillys Place” is an infant recovery facilty located in Huntington West Virginia. Babies that are born addicted to drugs are brought here to withdraw and their families are given counsel. More about Lillys Place on their website, Click Here.
We would like to help supply some of the basic needs for the facility. Donations will be collected at practice starting next Thursday. A list of items needed is posted in the comments. Monetary contributions may also be accepted.
Please read the comment about what the babies go through. These are innocent babies brought into this world in pain and suffering because drug addiction.
Pray for the families and please bring in something to help. You are welcome to ask friends and neighbors to contribute. Share this post.
You will hear more about it at practice this week.
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