Certification Information for Players


Some players have to complete their minimum training before their next tournament’s to meet the OVR standards. If you completed this training last year it is still valid. After completing the online curriculum, you will need final evaluation on-court by a professional certified referee to become certified as a junior second referee or scorer. Line judges and Libero trackers do not need to be certified. Certifications are good for 2 years!

Follow the instructions on the link below and you will be able to enter and do the training easily. Modules do not take very long but it is OVR rule that each athlete take the training. If you have further questions on this matter please contact Director Todd.

For Instructions on entry  the Course’s Click Here.

  • Line Judge Minimum:
  •      US17_201 – Junior Line Judge
  • Junior scorer and/or Libero Tracker Minimum: 
  •      US17_601 – Libero Control
  •      US17_605 – Scoring Basics Non-deciding Set
  •      US17_619 – NEW! Scoring – Deciding Set
  • Junior second Referee Minimum:
  •      US17_203 – Junior Second Referee
  •      US17_205 – Junior Signals
  •      US17_219 – Net and Center Line Rules