Upcoming Event Reminders

 First, Club Night: For more info click here10341620_1502389059982041_8490370415449944026_n

On February 25 @ 7:00 pm the Penn. State Nittany Lions are coming to to play the U.C. Golden Eagles in Men’s Volleyball. Coach Todd and the Putnam Volleyball Club would like to invite each player, coach and parent to a “Club Night” to show your support for your favorite team.

Second, Donations to Lily’s Place:

Our girls at Putnam Volleyball Travel are collecting donations until the 9th of February for www.lilysplace.org. Please bring all donations to your practice and give to your coaches on the 9th.

For anyone attending our volleyball clinics on Saturdays, you also can be involved. If you or anyone else would like to drop off things, you may bring them to Kings River Worship center in St Albans from 5-7:00pm 2/4/2017.

Lily’s Place, is a new model of care for babies born exposed to drugs. They are the first residential infant recovery center that also provides help and services for families. We challenge you to, please, help our girls by donating to them and helping collect donations for a wonderful cause. As we have stated, it is Putnam’s mission to teach life lessons through volleyball. This is a memory that will change people’s lives and the girls will carry with them forever.

Needed Supplies:

CASH & Check DONATIONS0-14_0-05_0-44_0-04_250_172_csupload_58917879_large
Size 1 diapers and newborn diapers
Diaper wipes
Febreeze air freshener
Baby laundry detergent for HE machines
Non-latex, non-powder gloves
One-piece pacifiers
Non-scented kitchen size garbage bags
Swiffer wet and dry replacements
Bottled water (gallon size)
Copier paper
File folders with pockets
Baby hair brushes

If you have any questions please contact Coach Ted Kinder.

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