Parents, How Can You Help Your Player Improve?

Passing is one of the most important skills in volleyball but it’s also one of the lest practiced and lesser of the skills worked on off the court! Passing is a skill that can be worked on in pairs on and off the court and parents, friends or other players can help an athlete improve with very little effort on their part. Most players want to play all around in the 6 positions during the game but if they can’t pass well, more than likely the coach will play a Definsive Specialist in the position when they rotate to the backrow. Playing “all the way around” is also one of the top discussions between the parents and the coaches and sometimes the discussion leads to argument and hurt feelings. So if your child needs work in the passing area.

So parents how can you help your player improve their skill of passing and possibly help them gain more court time? All it takes is a ball and 30 minute of your time each day. There are simple drills that you can run with your player to quickly help them grow as a player. There are many great sites and channels where you can find simple drills to run with your girl. Such as, YouTube, “The Art of Coaching Volleyball” or USA Volleyball to name a few.

Click Here for drill examples

So put down the phone and spend 30 minutes each day working with your player on the skill of passing. Your time invested now, will pay off in the future!