Time To Register for OVR Volleyball



Parents and Players,

Its time to start your registrations for this upcoming travel season with the Ohio Valley Region. Putnam Volleyball Club will be posting all tryout dates and location in the next few days. Before you can go to any tryout, you must go to the OVR website Online Registration and follow the directions to become registered and qualified to attend tryouts. Anyone attending a tryout that is listed on this web site must be a member (with at least our $10 Tryout Membership). The clubs will probably charge their own Tryout Fee to cover the expenses of running the tryout. This is different from the Tryout Membership.

We at Putnam Volleyball Club want you to be as prepared as possible, so that the athlete only has to focus on performing their best at tryouts. There’s enough stress during that time and we do not want any added to it. Get registered early! Again, Putnam’s tryouts will be posted shortly so be looking for them to come.