Part 5 Blocking, Fundamentals Are Still Key!

Blocking, Where defense starts! There’s no better feeling than when a blocker executes a block to perfection and block the ball back across the net for points. The feeling of “NOT IN MY HOUSE!”

First the Basics. Again, Good defense in volleyball starts with blocking. In this youth volleyball video, a girls’ coach breaks down the proper technique for blocking and these key volleyball skills are then demonstrated.

Now, Jim McLaughlin talking about blocking eye work, armwork and footwork at the 2013 Gold Medal Squared Coaching Foundations clinic in Seattle.

Let’s learn how to be an effective Middle Blocker by improving your footwork! This video is a part of a series of videos that will teach you how to block in volleyball and what to do with your feet, arms, and how to position your body to block with the greatest speed and efficiency. Learn how to play volleyball with these volleyball techniques, taught by Coach Donny, by watching these Elevate Yourself volleyball tutorial videos.

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