Coach Pookie Dimsdale

My name is Patricia Dimsdale, but I am known as Pookie in the volleyball world. I started playing volleyball in high school at Hurricane, where I played varsity for three full years. I was named an All-Conference and All-State player. and I received a scholarship to play at West Virginia State University, where I played two years before deciding to focus on academics. I returned to Hurricane to coach for four years with my dad from 2011-2015. We worked very hard and made school history, making it to the regional tournament four years in a row. I graduated from West Virginia State University with a degree in education in 2015. I started teaching that fall and decided it would be my last year coaching for a while. I have given private and group lessons in the years since. I still currently play in the YMCA league and church leagues, I am excited to be coaching again and help my team reach their fullest potential!