Tryouts and Preparation

What can you do to prepare for volleyball tryouts? Here are some tips that will get


you noticed in a positive way during tryouts. These are tips on things that you can control.  You cannot control how good or bad the other players are. You can control your attitude, effort, and reactions.

Do your best and have fun:

Preparation starts prior to the day of tryouts. You should be getting as many touches on the ball as you can. Get to bed early the night before, you don’t want to be sluggish the day of. Get plenty of good nutrition and stay hydrated the day before and the day of. Start thinking your way through all the skills, get your mind ready and focused.


Putnam Volleyball Clubs Tryout Information

Get Registered on the OVR Website

Know your Athletes Bill of Rights

Now on the day of tryouts:
1. Be on time. Arrive early enough to get ready before tryouts begin. Give yourself 15-20 minutes of preparation time.
2. Be vocal during drills and communicate with the players around you. Coaches love players that communicate purposefully during practice and games.
3. Pay attention to the coaches’ instructions. You will impress by knowing what you are supposed to be doing during the drill. Make eye contact with the coaches.
4. Hustle, give maximum effort and never quit on a ball.
5. Exude a positive vibe. Show that you love to play the game and care about your teammates.
6. Put your cellphone away during tryouts. Don’t even get it out at water breaks.
7. Never give another player a hard time. If you don’t get a good set, don’t berate the setter. Let her know you will be ready for the next one.
8. Leave distractions at home. Allow yourself to focus on tryouts solely during the time that you are being evaluated.
9. Don’t wear a rival club’s T-shirt. That is just bad form. Show respect for the club that you are trying out for. Wearing a rival club’s t-shirt hints that you don’t really want to make a team.
10. Touch the ball before you go to tryouts. If you haven’t touched the volleyball since the season ended, make sure you get back into the game before tryouts start. If your team offers open gyms or workouts, take time to participate.

Most Importantly, Have Fun!


Putnam Volleyball Tryout Dates & Times

Putnam Volleyball Club is happy to announce our upcoming 2017-2018 season travel volleyball tryout dates and schedules. We are excited to be going into our 10th season as an OVR travel club. We can’t wait to get this season started and we hope you will allow our coaching staff to work with and further your volleyball skills. The flyer is attached, so please share with all that you can.

Each team will consist of 10 traveling players and 2 practice players


$850 plus registration fees (Includes Regional’s & Super Regional at VT) Payment plan will be available

$600 plus registration fees (12R Team Only, includes 4 tourneys plus Regional’s) Payment plan will be available

Tryout Dates:

12R – Saturday and Sunday November 11th and 12th from 2:00pm to 4:00pm at Winfield Middle School

13R – Wednesday and Thursday November 15th and 16th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at Action Sports Complex

14R – Saturday and Sunday November 11th and 12th from 4:30pm to 6:30pm at Winfield Middle School

15R- Monday and Tuesday November 13th and 14th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at Action Sports Complex

16R – Wednesday and Thursday November 15th and 16th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at Action Sports Complex

17R – Monday and Tuesday November 13th and 14th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at Action Sports Complex



Time To Register for OVR Volleyball



Parents and Players,

Its time to start your registrations for this upcoming travel season with the Ohio Valley Region. Putnam Volleyball Club will be posting all tryout dates and location in the next few days. Before you can go to any tryout, you must go to the OVR website Online Registration and follow the directions to become registered and qualified to attend tryouts. Anyone attending a tryout that is listed on this web site must be a member (with at least our $10 Tryout Membership). The clubs will probably charge their own Tryout Fee to cover the expenses of running the tryout. This is different from the Tryout Membership.

We at Putnam Volleyball Club want you to be as prepared as possible, so that the athlete only has to focus on performing their best at tryouts. There’s enough stress during that time and we do not want any added to it. Get registered early! Again, Putnam’s tryouts will be posted shortly so be looking for them to come.


Putnam Volleyball Club 2018 Important Dates

Putnam Volleyball Club will start travel tryouts and practices in November, exact dates and locations will be posted at a later date. This season Putnam is planning to have travel teams for 12R through 17R, also to provide a higher quality of teaching and learning Putnam is looking to introduce an assistant coach for every team and skill coaches to work with all age groups in practices, as needed.

Also our youth clinics will start in January for those younger none traveling youth. This gives all ages and skill levels a spot in our family to build upon their volleyball skills.

Please sign up for our e-mail here on our website and follow us on all social media to stay up to date on all Putnam’s events!



Putnam VC Tryout Location and Directions

In an effort to make things easier for parents and players, we wanted to clarify and make things as simple as possible during the tryout phase. Tryouts are stressful enough for the girls (without being late), so we wanted to give you a map and directions to the entry point of tryouts. The tryout location is the same for all age group levels. Please if you have any questions contact us.

If you will put the address below into Google maps, it will bring you to the front of Winfield Middle School, the Location of Tryouts. We have also provided a direct link below to direction from Teays Valley, WV located on I64. After you arrive follow the map provided to the location that is located around the back to the school.

Click here to view directions from Teays Valley, WV

3280 Winfield Rd, Winfield, West Virginia 25213


How will Travel Teams be Chosen?

Putnam Volleyball Travel Teams will be selected on the tryout dates listed below. Travel teams will be chosen based on the athletes skill and positions needed. 10 girls will be chosen per team to travel to tournaments and 3 to 4 girls will be chosen to be alternate practice players with the travel team to sharpen their skills and the possible opportunity to travel with the team if injury, sickness or other reason of absence should happen. Once travel players are offered a position on the travel team, they will have 5 days to accept or decline the offer to the club. If the player accepts, club dues are $725.00; payment can be made in full or in three payments as follows. Players that make the alternate roster dues are $300.00.picture3

  • Payment #1 $225.00 due 12/09/16
  • Payment #2 $250.00 due 01/06/17
  • Payment #3 $250.00 due 01/27/17 

Question: If 25 girls are at tryouts for a particular age group and 10 travel players are chosen and my daughter is the 11th player on the list and one of the ten players chosen declines, will my daughter have the opportunity to be on the travel team?

Answer: Yes, if a player chosen for one of the 10 travel spots declines we will move to the alternates and extend a travel position to them.

Middle School age Tryouts will be:

November 12th from 3pm-7pm:   13R 3pm-4:30pm & 14R 5:00pm-6:30pm

 November 13th 1pm-5pm:              13R 1pm-2:30pm & 14R 3pm-4:30pm

High School age Tryouts will be:

November 19th from 3pm-7:30pm:  15R 3pm-4:30pm, 16R 4:30pm-6:00pm &  17R 6:00pm-7:30pm

 November 20th 1pm-5:30pm:     15R 1pm-2:30pm, 16R 2:30pm-4:00pm & 17R 4:00pm-5:30pm

All Tryouts will be held at Winfield Middle School, 3280 Winfield Rd, Winfield, WV 25213