Wanting to improve? Fundamentals are still key!

We will post over the next few weeks some at home training that you can do to perfect your game. Even if your a senior in high school and think you have it all down, continuing to practice fundamentals are the key to move to the next level!

Setting Part 1:


Setting Part 2:


Body Fuel for Tournament Day

One of the most important things for an athlete to perform at their highest potential and have a quick recovery is Body Fuel on Tournaments Days! The right foods and hydration could mean the difference between you outperforming your opponents or losing your match! Consuming the right foods and liquids at the right time can give you added energy, protect your body from injury and help you recover faster between matches and at the end of the day. Sure a hot dog, pizza or soda pop may be quick and to some even tastier but it will make you sluggish and could prevent you from your peak performance, which will hurt your team! Little things like this can make a big difference on those long days. The link is a great article on this topic at hand. Also, you can read other articles here on our website as well.

Great Article Example

Donations for Lilly’s Place

We always pride ourselves at Putnam Volleyball of teaching the young ladies that play for us more than just the game. We try to teach them life lessons and how to start giving back to the community and making a positive impact!

So It’s time for Putnam Volleyball’s second annual Valentines Day drive for Lilly’s place. We will be collecting items to deliver on Valentine’s Day. Please post on your social media and ask friends and neighbors to help. Attached is a list of items needed and you can always donate money. Bring your items to practice.

Find out more about Lily’s Place at: http://www.lilysplace.org/

A Few Reminders for 2018

As we start the new year and our 10th season, we wanted to remind you of a few ways that will help keep you updated on all of our club communications. You can be a part of over 700 of our Putnam family, who follow our website via e-mail and receive communications from the “Club Communications/Blog”. It’s easy to do, just go to the website and put your e-mail on the “follow Putnam Volleyball Via E-mail” box and start receiving, Club Communications, Drills, and other helpful communications.

You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Also, Don’t forget the upcoming 2018 Youth Skills Camp, starting in January. Click on the link provided for more information. Click Here

Youth Skill Camp

****For those traveling do not forget to make those hotel reservations before the block cut off dates.

2018 Youth Skills Camp

Get your child started early or give them a great opportunity to improve their volleyball skills. Putnam Volleyball Club is offering a Youth Volleyball Camp starting January 7th for Elementary and Middle School age children. This 12 week camp will be every Sunday will focus on all fundamental skills of volleyball, giving your young athlete the foundation that they need to have a successful volleyball career.

Youth Skill Camp



Putnam Volleyball Club 2018 Important Dates

Putnam Volleyball Club will start travel tryouts and practices in November, exact dates and locations will be posted at a later date. This season Putnam is planning to have travel teams for 12R through 17R, also to provide a higher quality of teaching and learning Putnam is looking to introduce an assistant coach for every team and skill coaches to work with all age groups in practices, as needed.

Also our youth clinics will start in January for those younger none traveling youth. This gives all ages and skill levels a spot in our family to build upon their volleyball skills.

Please sign up for our e-mail here on our website and follow us on all social media to stay up to date on all Putnam’s events!