Team Information

Putnam Volleyball Travel Teams will be selected on the tryout dates listed below. Travel teams will be chosen based on the athletes skill and positions needed. 10 girls will be chosen per team to travel to tournaments and 2 to 4 girls will be chosen to be alternate practice players with the travel team to sharpen their skills and the possible opportunity to travel with the team if injury, sickness or other reason of absence should happen. Once travel players are offered a position on the travel team, they will have 10 days to except or decline the offer to the club. If the player excepts, club dues can be made in full or in three payments as follows.

Our Travel Division: We have several age teams this travel season 12R, 13R, 14R, 15R, 16R and 17R teams this season. Click Here

Below are the dates in which will help determine what age group your athlete will need to tryout for.


Question: If 25 girls are at tryouts for a particular age group and 10 travel players are chosen and my daughter is the 11th player on the list and one of the ten players chosen declines, will my daughter have the opportunity to be on the travel team? Answer: Yes, if a player chosen for one of the 10 travel spots declines we will move to the alternates and extend a travel position to them.

Question: If my daughter is 15 can she tryout for the 17U team or if she is 13 can she tryout of the 16U team as well as her age group? Answer: Yes, she can try out for all that her birthday allows her too; it is to the parent’s discretion on if the child’s skill level is that of an older girl. Coaches may also ask your child to try out for an older group as well. Keep in mind that it’s ultimately the coach’s decision on who makes the travel team.

Question: If my daughter doesn’t make the travel team but makes a practice player spot for her age group, will she have the opportunity to travel to a tournament and play? Answer: There is a possibility that a practice player would be given the opportunity to be a travel player in the event of an injury or unforeseen circumstance that a travel player would not get to travel.

Question: Is there any added cost to traveling to tournaments? Answer: Parents/Players will have to pay for food, lodging, fuel or other travel expenses.